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Signal Boost: West Texas Planned Parenthood
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Thanks to [personal profile] bessemerprocess for the permission to reblog:

For those of you who don't have [personal profile] synecdochic on your list, I wanted to signal boost. She's raising money to supply a West Texas Planned Paretnhood clinic with iPods. Why iPods? Texas has the mandatory "abortion is evil script" which basically requires a doctor to shame the patient before the procedure. Doctors have to say it, otherwise they risk losing their licenses. Patients don't have to listen to it. Syn thought, just like at the dentist, music could be used to make the experience more tolerable. Thus, she's taking donations to help make these women's experience even the slightest bit less painful. If you have a spare $5 consider sending it her way.

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She seems to have just updated to say that she won't be taking any more donations, but urged people to donate directly to PP.

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