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There's no more room for angels to dance/Or even stand upon this pin entangled . . .
beautiful like a rainbow tina cohen-chan
So today was pretty much the worst day I’ve had in a workplace since I got vomited-upon by a bridesmaid and the kitchen had no food at a wedding reception. Today involved a grand total of 63 calls, being screamed at by 24 callers, cursed out by 7, my job threatened, my one coworker whining incessantly while providing zero help, and an entire new intake process to learn.

I am out of nice, I am out of words other than “double rum & coke, no lime”, and if I do not think about things other than work, I will kill people.

So I’m begging - PROMPTS. I will write at least a drabble for any fandom/pairing/scenario you want. Crossovers welcome, porn welcome, any and all sources you know we share.

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:pours you a huge drink: Prompts - Sherlock BBC, Lestrade, 'John & Sherlock, proving he's their gorgeous DI. Not yours', any fandom 'a warning to the soldier, the civilian, the martyr, the victim'

I'll take some 'rasslin'. Pref M.Hardy or Christian or Regal, but beggars can't be choosers.

Oh hon. I am sorry you had the crappiest day ever. Hugs. It does seem like life events are just a continuous Fail lately (about two weekends ago our apartment was broken into and my laptop was stolen among many other items), so I am hoping for some Carnivale: Iris & Justin Crowe to read.

*hands you a tall cool glass of lemonade*

Belated hugs!

Anything OT3 would be nice!

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